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May 2020

@joenobk Totally agree. I still have no clue how to do it. Best I figure is to make sure I start in myself, and my home.

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My heart aches for so many people out there. I don’t know how to create the change we need, but I know it’s needed.

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@willie I mentioned this very thing last night to my oldest, and then you said it this morning, and I can’t seem…0P

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@darth darth my fren - I’ve thought about these cronchy breadcrumbs for a while, and yesterday opted to make a…Hf

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Can’t wait to discuss when garbage day will be this week.

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I’m not a Jazz fan, but I’ve always respected Jerry Sloan. RIP.

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@spurs Walking through the long hallway, and up the ramps to a game in the HemisFair Arena. A crowd of anxious…rJ

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@Blazeorange Sounds like somebody showing up to dance and bite a knife to The Funal Countdown, but for dogs.

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Can’t believe how easily we’ve moved on from the fact that Math is a topic unworthy of study after 5th or 6th…FB

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@FortuneCookieBI If we use their logic, there’s a 50/50 chance we would have been less vigilant.

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If we could go back and time and convince the original creators of USB to have the plugs work in either direction,…35

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longbored Happy Interdental Lisp Awareness Day

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