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August 2013

@alyssasummers So you must have got that new job. Congratulations! Very cool. I’ve heard the coolest people are from CO.

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I’m on a (different) mountain.

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@johndilworth I wish. Two different company events (one corporate, one client) on the same day. Great scenery, but too much driving.

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@cliftonite Snow Basin. Corporate thing. Now headed to Snowbird for another one. Long day. Seriously.

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@johndilworth Gorgeous. 1st time up there. We’ll see how it compares to Snow_bird_, (to where I’m headed right now - also for the 1st time)

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I’m on a gondola (lift).

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People who play Magic The Gathering are like smokers - hopelessly addicted and rarely encourage others to start.

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@FactHive That’s slightly more land than the entire state of Delaware. Amazing.

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@danbenjamin You only think that now. Just wait until he turns 7… then 8… then 9… then 10… then 11…

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Got this one while out driving this evening. It’s not bad for a camera phone.

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Just saying something doesn’t make it true.

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Just googled somebody, purely because I couldn’t remember if they had died already.

They had.

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@dayoneapp When can we hope for exporting limited tags on OS X like on iOS?

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@willie Apart from AppleScript, maybe set a PDF printer as your default, and Command-P the highlighted list of files.

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macworld Apple says avada kedavra to $10 Harry Potter movie deal on iTunes, wingardium leviosas price to $60.

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@longbored Looks like the $10 deal is already over. That was fast.

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Seriously, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t buy (for $10(!)) the full Harry Potter Collection from iTunes. Impulse buy.

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I just twitched involuntarily out of nowhere, but nobody saw me do it. Really, I’m just letting you know so you can laugh if you want.

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Team Red Vines

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Great way to start your day.

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@DavidStensrud “Come on, Rob! You gotta get it IN there to get three points!”

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My fifth broken one in 9 years of support for others. Glad I still have a couple spares.

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@stevealfandre I’m not sure they actually exist. Pretty sure all those “fans” on TV are just paid extras.

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I _thought_ it was hot

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