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April 2020

@willie This was like an army of like 5 of those, randomly, in the middle of my morning - post-daily showering,…Tr

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My random long eyebrow hair game is really on point today.

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@webjournalist @Tercius Neither Animal Crossing, nor Stardew Valley feel like a chore, but ymmv.

(And you’ve had…gN

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@utahpadre Didn’t know if I needed to start disassociating myself with you, getting all hoity-toity with your…FB

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My youngest: “No, I’m empty of boloney”

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@cliftonlabrum I’ve got wood chips flyin’ off from me eating that trail mix so fast.

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Welp, judging by the Nutrition Facts on this package, either 4 other people somehow ate this with me, ooorrr I’m…v6

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@PatrickRothfuss Hey. Thanks for being you.

(Random tweet, but I was just thinking about your books, and other…0e

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@AppleNews @apwfrancis @bonappetit 31 dinner recipes is way too many to try in one week.

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@MojangSupport (This is on 3 different accounts we have in our family)

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@cottonbureau Any plans for the tri-blends to be in larger sizes? I sure miss being able to order those.

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Pretty chuffed I fixed my printer. Thing was out of commission for 5 months. I learned a lot in the process, but still, that was brutal.

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@MojangSupport I get an error (repeatedly) when trying to claim a copy of Minecraft for Windows 10. “Error! It…Uy

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@joenobk Yep. But like most museums, it’s all in the wording.

“This was an ancient musical instrument”

“In the…Z5

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I also have:

- Old hardware that I’m keeping for reasons that made sense at the time but seems to make less…xX

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NelsonRussellM I invite you to join with me in a worldwide fast—for all whose health permits—to pray for relief from the physical,…BJAB

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Every day, I open my text editor, and just keep going on the same scratch pad. Over 16,000 words of non-commitment……WF

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If you’re not watching these, you’re really missing out.…

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Remember rewinding tapes? In case you were curious, if you have old tapes, and you play them, it still sucks to rewind them.

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@tapbot_paul Or how many of them also realize that it can be retroactive - meaning you can go back and sign up…Zh

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@joenobk Just trying to find an explanation for a recent change.

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Is “COVID-19” like “Freshman 15”? Asking for a friend.

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