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February 2011

@johndilworth Looking for tips on new music? What are some of your current favorites?

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I just got so startled by my (usually muted) un-muted iPhone that I about peed myself. No joke.

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@rands The two-facer or split personality.

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Sunny and snowing. Weird like Sonny and Cher.

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@dodgerscribe Any plans to customize your avatar on Twitter?

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@DavidStensrud Shovels that hug mothers are the best kind.

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Let’s be honest. The monster in Monsters Inc who is getting his teeth brushed would have done that at his house or in the locker room.

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@jessicahische The DailyDropCap for C (Maxwell Lord) has a typo in it. “&rsquos” ? Oops.

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cliftonlabrum If you can still see individual pixels on your phone, you might be a redneck.

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Part of me wishes I had tweeted each time I was woken up last night, but nobody wants to hear from me at 1:00, 2:00, 3:30, 4:00 & 6:00

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@Mathewh Personally I love that stylus. It’s perfect for regular use, as well as when wearing gloves.

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My current Pixel Rig (at work) /cc @rands

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“That’s not bad for a quadruped. Just side of the eye. Side of the eye.”

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Someone admitted to being intentionally hostile towards me for nearly a year. Only explanation provided, “I felt threatened by you.” Weird.

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Looks like we’ll be having a boy, come late June. Huzzah!

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