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March 2020

@darth move aside dogs/cats/birbs. the goats are here…

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@davidhellman I want to believe you.

From your follower,
-Nachos Bulldog.

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@darth my fren did you see this important thread…

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Fast Sunday sacrament bread pieces have never been bigger than today.

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I admit to putting shredded cheese on my waffle batter before closing the iron. It adds a bit of savory to waffles,…Ct

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Just stood on my bathroom scale and it said, “Lo”. So…


Time for a celebratory sleeve of Oreos.

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hankrsmith I’ve got good news! The virus will be destroyed on Tuesday. 🥳

And… also some bad news.

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F- AirDropping
A+ Social Distancing?


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This isn’t the March Madness we were all looking for.

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Sorry to report that the disk of RAM Doubler wouldn’t read, so it seems we’re out of luck on that one. This will…xo

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Now I just found a different floppy with AOL 3.0 (for Windows, this time), so it seems like I’m the right kind of…x7

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Hey I just found a functional floppy disk with the AOL 2.7 installer on it. If anybody needs that, lmk. I’m copying it now.

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The fun just keeps adding up.

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@MenInBlazers Not sure how it is possible, but I’m pretty sure the message I just left for Rog is more crap than your original content.

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@alyssakeiko @darth I bought a used office chair to work from home for the next month. It’s surprisingly comfy.

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@SunOfSeldo As always, thank you for another year of value. Although I don’t look forward to needing your…hv

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KoryStamper “Quarantine” has a pretty complicated etymology. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT, YES YOU WOULD, SETTLE IN, MY NERDS


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