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March 2014

Update: 3 for 4. Quit while I’m ahead?

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I went 2 for 3 today on plugging in USB devices the correct way my first try. Time to call it a day.

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@cliftonite I’m not sure if we have. Apart from two of his Alcatraz books, and the Infinity Blade books, I’ve read everything else.

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Hey @BrandSanderson, I really really really really liked Words of Radiance. Well done.

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shauninman Fauxment of Clarity: When you think you’ve finally sussed out a problem only to find yourself no closer to a solution hours later.

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@ds Worst case of torso discrimination I’ve ever seen.

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@brandon_ras @cliftonite “You don’t have clearance to Romeo Oscar Charlie Kilo out. Over. No, seriously. This is over.”

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No joke. An email I actually look forward to every weekday: NextDraft: The Day’s Most Fascinating News - cc @davepell

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Good. freaking. night. Have you seen what @FieldNotesBrand made? Really. I’m practically speechless.

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PSA: The bridge of my nose has twitched several times today.

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I agree. The shift button on 7.1 is dumb.

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@MenInBlazers “Man U” being in one of the envelopes all along.

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I feel obligated to share this.

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Just when you think people are starting to understand technology, I’m on a 94-email-long chain of people saying “Don’t reply to all!”

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It appears we discovered a way to have the kids sleep in - just pretend it’s later in the day.

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“Are those donuts?”

They’re people. You’re not wearing your glasses, and you’re fasting.

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I was feeling pleased with my 85 in Flappy Bird until I saw my nephew’s score of 621.

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@Jon_Kessler Now if only you could get somebody at Omnicom to drink the Kool-aid.

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Pouring rain. Just drove by a car wash. One car getting washed. Kinda concerning?

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@khoi I see what you did there… “Nice comments”

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terry_shipman Let’s see if we can beat the Oscar re-tweets!

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@beep But the real question is, are you still living in Argentina?

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@beep Pomade.

Plus, why do you own all the guns now? And have a barbed wire tattoo? Aviators too.

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