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December 2021

@badbanana Exactly. All other time zones get something, and we Mountain people get this same vibe from broadcasts/…ek

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Time to go wear communal shoes, and make a mess.

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@LEGO_Group I’d love if the modular buildings were released 12/1 instead of 1/1. It’d make my Christmas a _lot_ easier.

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@dcbriccetti @__mharrison__ If I had a dollar for every time I’ve typed “int he” I would have many dollars—but not enough off which to live.

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@__mharrison__ I’d change the part at the beginning of the description where you have an error:


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@camposanto I’m still sad about In the Valley of Gods… but I hope you’re all doing great.

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@enkulu After 534 days, Ryan breaks the shell of his frozen state to comment on a six year old typo.

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For a contact form on a web page, this seems awfully precise.

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@audible_com Is there a way to see how many hours/minutes I’ve listened _this year_? I can see the overall, and…ZC

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@Spotify @SpotifyCares Ugh. Everybody has the same link for the 2021 playlist… making it horribly difficult to…oM

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