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January 2020

@MittRomney I hope you vote your conscience. It’d be nice if it matched mine, but that’s a separate issue.

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@utahpadre At this point, I’m of the opinion that the title for the year be vacated, and stats for the year (for…fp

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@Mathewh My washer went out today. I’m sorry, buddy.

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@levelsio Thanks for sharing. (And congrats to @JSXRDX!)

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Just got a sneak preview of a breakfast sandwich and donuts at Duck Donuts in South Jordan. Super tasty.

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@BrandSanderson Do you have “dress t-shirts”? Serious question.

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There simply isn’t time nor sufficient energy to correct all the falsehoods on the internet.

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My third child is surprised by how infrequently I have thumb wars at work.

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