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August 2017

@shauninman That helmet is lit.

Okay, I’ll stop.

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At 15 trillion gallons of rain, that’s enough to fill two (20k gallon) swimming pools _per person_ in the entire USA.

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@Mantia @cabel

Google group notifications, sent via email, auto-forwarded to text message.

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A 6th grade P.E. teacher who claimed we’d die in a house fire because we couldn’t do the requisite number of chin/…e1

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What’s the return policy on these eclipse glasses?

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Imagine being the moon right now. So much pressure to perform.

Don’t mess it up, moon.

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@darth Very important pupper/bandit…QJ

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Eat a lot of fiber this weekend, so during the eclipse you can sing “Total Eclipse with a Fart”

I’m so sorry. I’ll show myself out.

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I love their t-shirts, and am excited for these. C’mon!…

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CaseyNewton Performance reviews this year should take into account that we were too stunned to work for six hours a day

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@pmorris Doh! I keep forgetting to add 2016. I’ll do that soon (next day or so).

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@I_Find_Planets Will you find a planet for me, please?

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Peas are disgusting.

Music from the 80′s is overrated.…

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