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September 2015

“Who on earth is buying egg nog in September?”


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neverjessie Someone animated arms on a video of a baby emu and it’s literally the best thing today

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@PatrickRothfuss Go find that birthday cake from the other night?

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I just watched Gravity for the first time. AMA

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@longbored It’s called “Champion’s Road”. I love typos. Really, it’s a crazy-hard level, but so fun.

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@cdharrison @rands I was hoping somebody else already made the follow-up inquiry about the earth’s gravitational pull.

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@jw Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see European Soccer-style promotion/relegation in U.S. sports?

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If non-sports fans hate all sports-talk as much as I hate college football talk… then we sports fans have a lot of apologies to make.

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@altonbrown Pretzels for dinner on this Labor Day. Always delicious.

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If you own Super Mario 3D World, and haven’t played the “Road of Champions” level, you’re in for a great (albeit tricky) run.

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Just wasted 23 minutes of my day/week/life watching the most recent @MenInBlazers. So very suboptimal.

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@willie Don’t go giving us all fantasies.

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