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July 2015

Hey. You know you want this awesome shirt by @frankburder, from @cottonbureau. You should buy it.…

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Idea: intentionally misuse “selfie”, but with confidence.

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@willie “I want to use iTunes Match on this computer, no matter what Apple calls the cloud-based, multi-computer library.”

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My dreams are nothing like Google’s. Where’s the “weird conversations with random people” API call in this thing?

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@stevenf Very cool. Congratulations! 2 is your last chance for man-to-man defense, before you switch to a zone. </sportsball>

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Watching a group of complete strangers play Uno, because a kid on the train asked them if they wanted to play. Very cool.

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Crazy, involved idea to blog about each of the nearly 1000 music albums I own.

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@willie Door wedges. Garbage filler. Tooth breaking. Any blunt trauma situation, or when seeking maximum disappointment.

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Pluto is a great day to be a good day to be a little bit of a new one is the best thing ever is when you have to be a good day

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@organizedthings Let me know when you go back to tweeting organized things, instead of all this recent click bait. Cheers!

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I have no idea what to do with myself now. (Honestly, it’s a fantastic game.)…

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@cabel Our family’s first computer.

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I guess I can now check “see a bunch of port-o-potties on wheels on railroad tracks” off my bucket list.

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