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December 2014

I think if we can all commit to not shower for the rest of the year, we can end the drought.

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My (clearly homemade) Christmas decoration for all the neighbors to be embarrassed about. Merry Christmas.

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Sometimes I love the local

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@cliftonlabrum @unculturedswine Yeah. It originally came out before Coda, but doesn’t have the resources of Panic. Awesome application.

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@unculturedswine @cliftonlabrum The same maker of CSS Edit (MacRabbit) went on to make Espresso, which also does it.

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@DavidStensrud It is if you got to pick the fish to eat.

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@MenInBlazers Is taking a preemptive sad nap a thing yet?

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The downside of shopping in this internet age is the days needed for shipping. I’m on-time for in-store shopping, I’m late online.

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@cabel I feel like that would have been the perfect tweet to say “minecrap”, but I love the game.

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@beep Actually, it’s about ethics in banner ads.

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@MenInBlazers I’m sure after they review the second goal, Mata’s response will appropriately be, “DID _I_ DO _THAT_?!”

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@longbored That last tweet had a rather narrow audience at the intersection of readers of The Book of Mormon and fans of Mortal Kombat.

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Every time I read this, it looks misspelled, and I wonder if Raiden, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion were there.

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The world could use more random hitch kicks.

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Anybody have an educated opinion around FiftyThree’s Pencil? Any good?

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Everybody should have at least one friend on Game Center who sucks at video games. It’s awesome.

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