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October 21st, 2015

Whelp. Now I couldn’t care less who wins. Time to stop paying attention until the spring.

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Saw this outside the theater where I just finished watching BttF 2.

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@BillSimmons For you Celtic fans, this seems like a great t-shirt:… (ht @njlance, @cottonbureau)

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@willie @joshhunt @holman Agreed.

Maybe I just have a bias against NPS - for me, it feels too impersonal once I learned what it is.

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@joshhunt @holman @willie I think a good net promoter score is different than happy employees. Still, periodic, anonymous feedback is vital.

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I could have used a 30-year warning about selfies.

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@longbored Though, those Fast/Furious movies are getting released at the rate, they’ll probably get there.

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Somebody may actually get fired by fax today, but I have little hope for all those Jaws movies to be released by this afternoon.

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